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PORTCAKE System Update

Portcake leverages Instagram for Google My Business, sync, link, automatic repost stories, improve local seo, my google business, improve organic traffic
Portcake's system update makes registration easier!

We have heard you and listened, and we’re now happy to announce that Portcake has undergone a system update to make your onboarding experience much easier. Additionally, all new users can now get a feel of how Portcake works by getting some hands-on trial usage for the services without having a need to register any credit card information. This helps to provide more assurance on what we have to offer for you to determine if the service will be a good fit for you in the long run.

With the update, in place of the previous 30 day free trial period, new users are now offered free trial usage. We are confident that the services we offer will address the pain points that business owners face and we want new users to be able to experience its effectiveness before choosing to be part of our growing community.


To those who may not yet be familiar, Portcake is a new user acquisition tool which allows the automatic reposting of Instagram posts and Stories to a Google My Business account. At Portcake, we are determined to help businesses bring in more leads and generate sales by streamlining their digital marketing activities. To find out more about how we can help you, please refer to this article.

Portcake can be used by both single business owners or large teams combined with external influencers, as you can control what will be reposted to your Google My Business account through the usage of dedicated keywords. Please have a look at this article and video, where we showcase how this can be done.

At Portcake, we not only offer services, but also provide digital content and marketing tips which we hope will be useful to you. We welcome you to follow our social media channels to learn with us and contribute to the community. We have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram and Google My Business. Do follow whichever is most convenient for you!

We look forward to hearing what our new users think about the improved registration process. Our customers’ feedback is important to us and we hope that this recent system update will be able to help newly introduced users, friends and clients to kickstart a simpler and easier digital marketing experience with Portcake!


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