Get More Sales From Digital Marketing Activities

Many digital marketing activities do not correlate directly with sales numbers. This is because there is a huge “gap” between your customer and business especially when your business is offering the product or services offline i.e. you have a physical location. Customers that visit and follow your Instagram online, though they are potential customers or possibly your personal fans, are not in the “buying” mode yet. They are certainly interested in you and your Instagram Posts and Stories are the channel keeping them engaged such that eventually, they may choose to go to your store together with their friends.

With PORTCAKE, you can actually link your Instagram with Google My Business such that whatever you post on Instagram Posts and Stories will be automatically reposted to your Google My Business. Google My Business captures an audience with the smallest “gap” in terms of the proximity to your actual physical business location. Google users are already searching for keywords on the location together with the business category. When they have an opportunity to view your beautiful Instagram postings on your Google My Business feature upon a Google Search, they will be all the more likely to visit your store and generate greater sales for you, all from the same digital marketing efforts that you do daily.

PORTCAKE allows you to streamline the marketing activities in a single platform so you can spend your precious time on things that matter the most. Try out PORTCAKE now and free yourself from mundane, repeated work. You are a CREATIVE being, after all!

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PORTCAKE is an exciting new solution that shares your Instagram uploads automatically with Google My Business.


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