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PORTCAKE is an exciting new solution that shares your Instagram uploads automatically with Google My Business.

 PORTCAKE helps all types of businesses
Let's take your marketing to the next level.




PORTCAKE automatically shares your feed posts with Google My Business.

Instagram is a vital component of modern retail marketing and branding strategies. With PORTCAKE, you can automatically share your Instagram feed posts with Google My Business. It's simple and it's fast. My Business is updated instantly, ensuring that your latest content reaches more potential customers via Google searches.
And PORTCAKE is user-friendly! So isn't it time to take your marketing to the next level?


Automatically share your Instagram Story uploads with Google My Business

With PORTCAKE, your Instagram Story uploads are automatically shared with Google My Business. Videos are archived for a full 24 hours and can be accessed from the My Business Photos menu. Stand out from the rest of the competitors by displaying your friendly and engaging Instagram Story on your Google My Business account.

As soon as you upload to Instagram, PORTCAKE updates Google My Business automatically💡

Remember, anyone who does a Google search for your local area and business type is a potential customer! Now you can use your regular Instagram uploads to provide potential customers with up-to-date information in real time. When browsing stores online, do you prefer those that give you lots of information or those that tell you only a little?


 For anyone in any business!

Use your regular Instagram uploads to enhance your Google My Business page👍

When linked to your Instagram account, PORTCAKE automatically updates the Latest Information and Photos sections of your Google My Business page. No need to upload twice! Instagram is a great way to keep your customers (and potential customers) up to date with your branding objectives and the latest developments in your business.

Streamline your marketing and boost employees' productivity✨

Managing multiple social media platforms while trying to run a business can be a costly exercise. PORTCAKE lets you consolidate your social media operations onto Instagram so that your employees can concentrate on other tasks. Thanks to PORTCAKE, time spent uploading to Google My Business can instead be devoted to developing exciting new products and services to expand your business.

Watch as your view count on Google My Business skyrockets👀

Instagram posts are basically accessible only to Instagram users. With PORTCAKE, potential customers who search for your local area and business type will now see your Instagram photos on your Google My Business page. Google will notify you when there's a high number of photo views on your My Business page. Prepare to be amazed!



Easy to set up, easy to use

Setting up PORTCAKE is quick and easy. After that, all you have to do is upload to Instagram and PORTCAKE will take care of the rest for you!

Upload to Instagram.

and let PORTCAKE take care of the rest for you.
No stress on your staff!

Marketing is a slow and steady process.

You don't expect to see the results right away.
A steady buildup of new information is what drives customers.

PORTCAKE is an exciting new solution that shares your Instagram uploads automatically with Google My Business.

Let's get started.


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